Features published this year.

Scottish Memories - "Last Orders for Goths" (January), "A Hill Start" (February), "Now Showing at the Hippodrome" (March), No Anorak Required (April), Wolves Lair" (May), "Fifty Years of Saving People" (May), "Not Just Another Day"(June),  "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" (June), "Music Before T in the Park" (July), "City Heights" (July), "Looking through the Toy Shop Window" (August), "Programme Mania" (August), "Pester Power at the Power Station" (December).

Scottish Home & Country - "Fire & Ice" (January), "A Glimpse into the Past " (March), Symbol for a Nation (April), "Lady of Hoy" (August), "Stone of Mystery" (September).

Forestry Journal - "Mounding Specialist" (June), "Living for Solutions" (July), "From Hobby to Business" (July), " Four Seasons- Integrated Operations and Planting all year Around" (August), "Carve Carrbridge 2015" (October).

essential ARB - "From Design and Advertising to Treeworks" (February), "Tree-mendous Trees" (May), "Maturing with Age" (May), "Arboretum Internationale - Protecting Our Tree Heritage" (August).

Ships Monthly - "From Cunarder to Carrier- The Story of RMS Campania" (September), "HMS Royal Oak - Gone but not Forgotten" (December).

Scottish Islands Explorer - "An Island Walk"  (January), "Islands Beyond - Moose Factory" (September), "Flora MacDonald's Skye" (September), "Visible to the Four Corners" (November).

East Lothian Life - "County of History - Wartime Tragedy" (June), "Fernieness Memorial" (September), "Waterloo Connections" (September).



Features due to be published in Scottish Home & Country,  Forestry Journal, essential ARB, Scottish Islands Explorer, Scottish Memories, East Lothian Life, Ships Monthly, The Great War Magazine.